Roundup 56: Favorite Dog Articles & Videos of the Week

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I certainly got a nice ethics lesson at 3AM, and it comes right from their own weird set of ethical standards. If we consider insanity doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results perhaps they?re just insane, not crazy?If they?re looking for new followers at least. Favorite Dog Videos of the Week I couldn?t even imagine what a reunion after 2 years would feel like. Wonderful article that highlights the comforts hospice veterinarians provide. There?s already enough debate within the animal rights community itself on the topic of animal rights. I suppose it?s ?better? to throw a marshmallow at my boyfriend?s face rather than my keyboard, but why are either good options? From a moral standpoint I find it hard to justify that sort of behavior for the sake of a personal agenda, and in PETA?s case it?s no doubt to gain attention. They use bullying, shock & fear tactics to get their message out, but in the end that just turns the majority of people against them. I was instantly hooked. Those aggregator sites bring in varying degrees of traffic, so if you?re not on there I just wanted to mention that by listing your blog on BlogLovin, Alltop & Feedly (or all three) you can have your blog seen by new people. We each choose what we believe in and what side we belong to. Let dandelion season begin. Now it is true that you?re probably not going to cause physical harm with a pie, but it?s still a physical attack. Now it was my turn to do a little research and find out for myself.Roundup 56: Favorite Dog Articles & Videos of the Week Last updated on December 27, 2018 By Puppy Leaks After checking out the nominees for this years I realized something: I read a lot, but I?m still missing out on a lot of great blogs. They do have some valid points, but unfortunately they?re all tainted from the ridiculous claims & campaigns they attach to them. How much of the negativity attached to PETA carries over into the animal rights movement as a whole? It?s hard to say, but it?s pretty sad when reasonable people have to assure others that yes, we?re into animal rights, but we?re not PETA levels crazy about it. Animal rights & abortion are two completely separate issues. What I Learned About Ethics From the PETA FAQ After reading through the entire FAQ I learned two things about PETA: They?re jerks They?re crafty jerks They have a crafty way skewing their own views into religious, personal & political matters. They?re just a small sample of what they?ve chosen to address on their own site. I don?t know if I consider PETA crazy. But perhaps the extreme views held by some in the animal rights movement helps to explain why the terms animal welfare & animal advocacy are so popular. I don?t see any reason why an animal rights group would have a stance on this issue seeing as how it?s not related to their cause? ? Wait a second. It?s 15 pages long with 15 questions each. My Late Night Ethics Lesson Begins You know that feeling of awesomeness when you find something new on the internet? Call me weird, but I had that awesome feeling late last night when I found myself on the PETA FAQ. Beautiful post about loss, and the ways our memories persist throughout the years. It lacks statistical data, has quite a bit of propaganda, and most questions are about the the morality on a wide variety of issues. Touching story about the state of animals in need, confusion over shelter policies & the awesome people that are out there helping to make a difference. And for many of us these are not just black and white issues, there?s a lot of grey matter in the middle. I?m not sure what I was expecting. I assume the intention is to humiliate, scare and shock the subject, and pie throwing certainly does all three. Another lovely example of how awesome the power of canine companionship can be. So remember it?s OK for them to bring up the Holocaust when it comes to meat, but it?s not OK for you to ask about Hitler?s stance on animal rights since it?s completely unrelated. ?A Pig Died For Your Sins? and ?Holocaust On Your Plate? are a couple that stand out. When you see a well behaved dog remember that there?s a lot of practice that went on to get those results; dogs aren?t born with perfect manners. As individuals we can support efforts to end suffering in animals, and we should be able to do so without having our religious & political beliefs questioned. We don?t need to add political, personal & religious matters into the discussion. For many of us our dogs are more than ?just a dog,? they?re our loyal companions that have a special way of keeping us going, even through the toughest times. PETA knows how to get attention, but I?m not so sure that attention helps to further their cause. After two minutes on their site I realized a couple things about PETA: They bring religion into many of their arguments They own a bunch of catchy domains like JesusPeopleForAnimals Looking at some of their past ads and protests it?s pretty clear right away that they certainly have no problem skewing religion to fit their views. I?ve heard so many crazy things about PETA over the years, but realized it was all hearsay. Turns out people are offended when you question their religious & political beliefs by comparing them to your personal beliefs about animal rights. The posts I feature in these roundups are ones I find through my , google searches & social media. I read everything on that FAQ. Am I weird for not really being bothered by them? From the overlooked comfort hospice veterinarians can provide to some touching tributes to some special dogs, here?s my favorite dog articles of the week. (and I?ll have a new place to stalk you from?) I try my hardest to read a wide variety of dog blogs, but I know I?m missing out on some. Snow can be pretty exciting. They just said they don?t have a stance on abortion because it?s not an animal rights issue? But apparently it?s perfectly fine to call out pro-life people who aren?t vegetarians as being pro-death? By that logic I wonder what they would classify a pro-choice vegans as? Does the possibility of such a person existing make their brains explode? I wonder if they also target people who are against the death penalty. And I have to warn you that there?s a high chance of tears this week, so you might wanna have some tissues nearby. I guess when it comes to being compared to Hitler even PETA gets a little defensive. Recommended Reading. By their ridiculous logic such a stance would implicate that they?re pro-life, and therefore they should definitely be vegetarians. What?s really disturbing to me is that these don?t even scratch the surface when it comes to PETA?s tactics. Here are some of the highlights from my 3AM adventure on the PETA FAQ. Favorite Dog Articles of the Week This is What Happens When You Try to Rescue a Dog and Have No Idea What You?re Doing I can?t even imagine how frustrating this day would have been for me. Recommended Reading What I Learned About Ethics From Reading the PETA FAQ at 3AM Last updated on May 13, 2016 By Puppy Leaks Ethics: the branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions. The definition of violence reads: behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. That sort of black & white thinking irritates me. They draw the line here, since these topics aren?t related? But they still find it acceptable to call out pro-life people for not being vegetarians, and they?re comfortable comparing your . Seriously, are they just trying to offend nearly everyone on the planet? Perfectly fine. Excellent article about understanding that training is a continual process, and it?s a lot of hard work. They know that their controversial tactics get attention, and perhaps that?s all they want

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