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.5 Legal Fees 1..New equipment can be a major expense for a small gym or a new location.7 Conclusion.Cost to Lease Gym Equipment - [Prices & Leasing vs. Buying] ..The following are average costs to buy gym equipment:..3 Employees 1.4 Licenses/Permits 1.6 Software 1. This guide to the cost of leasing commercial gym equipment can help?.How Much Does Gym Equipment Leasing Cost In 2022? - Cost Aide ..If the average lease of each piece of equipment costs $80 per month, the total monthly payment for 10 pieces of equipment is $800.Summary: Average Gym Equipment Costs..1.The typical leasing gym equipment cost ranges around $60 to $100 a month per equipment ranging from stationary bikes, treadmills to ellipticals depending on?.2 Equipment 1.The major aim of many gym owners is to establish and expand in a fitness community, a place where people can go together to work out; however, making this?.1 Rent 1. Benefits of?. The cost to lease gym equipment averages between $60 and $100 per month, depending?.

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